H + R 2021 Goals

H + R 2021 Goals


What Does 2021 Hold For Us?

Phew! What a year. Despite its many headaches, we’ll always remember 2020 as the year our business came to life. So, that’s going down in our history books. 

Setting our sights on the future!

A mission of our business is to show our customers and followers that we are more than just a candle company. We are REAL, just like you. As we grow our business we want others to come along for the ride, and with the level of growth we want to obtain, we have to set goals. Our business goals have become just as important as our personal goals.

Hill and River Collection has become such a major part of our lives. It is truly our baby and we treat it as such. Just like a baby, if we feed it, it will grow. Investing our time and energy into this business has proven that hard work really does pay off. Our hustle should forever continue. An important thing to note is that this is just the beginning, and we have so much further to go. 

While we’ve already taken a look back at what we’ve achieved, it’s time to stop reminiscing and start the second-best New Year’s tradition – making resolutions and putting them in action. Now, we know it won’t be easy, but we didn’t think setting up shop would be easy either, and alas, here we are. All it took was a little bit of trial and error, hard work, and home love.

It is important that we stay focused and create goals that are specific and realistic for us to obtain. We’ve decided to set some 2021 goals to help our business find its feet before we start running. We thought we would share some of these goals with you in hopes that it will motivate others to set some goals as well. Below are 3 goals that Hill and River Collection plans to achieve within the year.

Goal # 1 Carve out a space for ourselves at a few local markets. 


We launched our company September 18, 2020. Although it was the beginning of Fall, we will be honest, thinking about markets and fairs was not top of the priority list because we were selling only online at the time. Now that we have gotten our feet wet and understand more of the factors of maintaining an ecommerce business, it is important that we physically get our product in front of people. To begin with, we’ve set our sights on the beginning of Spring 2021 (hopefully sooner). To achieve this, we plan on increasing our reach and exposure by getting listed as a vendor for a handful of local markets and fairs. We’d like to show our faces, share our story, and pass on some of our candles. And you know, just enjoy the atmosphere and feel the good vibes, of course. There’s nothing like being a small, local business at a local market to make you feel the love after all.

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible to the visible.” - Tony Robbins

Goal # 2: Have at least 20 custom candle orders by the end of Summer 2021.

What makes us different from many candle companies is that we offer custom candle services. Whether it be for wedding favors, businesses that want to expand their brand, or employee gifts, we offer a way for our candles to be personalized. In the last quarter of 2020, we were able to create custom candles for 5 businesses. 

These candles can be customized by size, label, fragrance, and name, depending on what the client wants. They’re the perfect addition to conferences or business parties to not only mark the occasion but boost company morale. Plus, we love making them, so it’s a win-win situation!

We would like to see this service grow and spread beyond our local region. But how do we do this? We need to increase our marketing! We will do this by increasing our social media post, emailing this information, and advertising the fact that we do have this service.

Goal #3: Get in touch!

And last but not least, we’re planning on being a little more social and connected this year. Since our business is still mostly internet-based, we know that we’ll have to start focusing on our social media game.

Through Reels, stories, and Instagram and Facebook lives, we hope to welcome our customers to the backstage of our company. We want to give them a glimpse of how we work, what we do, what our candles mean to us, and who we are.


Why not join us for the ride?

Of course, we’ll also be keeping everyone up-to-date on any news or events that will be happening for Hill And River Collection. So, why not come along for the ride to see if we achieve our goals by following us on our social media platforms and subscribing to our email newsletter? Not only will you get updates on our journey, you will also get information first regarding events, sales and new products!. 

It’ll be a challenging year for small businesses, but through planning ahead, we hope to not only survive but thrive.

And finally, we’d like to wish you a Happy New Year with many good days to come! We’ve only just lit this year’s wick!

Reggie and Kena 

- Hill and River Collection


  • Absolutely love you all shared these with us! It’s been such a beautiful experience with connecting and watching your business flourish. True connection with incredible people is really what life is all about!

  • Shak, I miss you and hope you and Reggie are well. I’m so proud of this new venture of yours. I love my candles and gave some as Christmas gifts. Let me know if I can be of help. Love, Donna

    Donna Richardson

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