Summer Flights
Summer Flights
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Summer Flights

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Our Summer Flights will include four, 4 oz. candle tins. These scents were specifically made to represent Virginia, during the Summer season. There is a mix of floral, fresh, and sweet scents in our flights. You may be surprised at which ones you like. They are great as gifts for friends and family, or you surely can keep them all to yourself. 

Virginia Summer
Vibe: Summer Summer Summertime
Aroma: Welcoming the Summer with open arms, we had to add some blooms within this flight. Just imagine taking a walk on a summer evening and you walk past a field full of florals. Now, you can get that same feeling just by lighting this candle.
Fragrance: Soft bergamot, light florals, and lavender. Can you also smell a light hint of musk and sage?

Vibe: Tan lines, all summa long
Aroma: You all know we had to add a little spice to the summer flights. We wanted this fragrance to take you to a relaxing beach, but we wanted you to feel the heat as well. Don’t forget to wear your sunscreen.
Fragrance: Do you smell coconut and sandalwood? Does your nose pick up flavors of chili peppers too??

Vineyards Of Nelson
Vibe: Wine tastings in Summer
Aroma: Although this fragrance does not smell like wine, it smells like it’s summertime, you have the day off, and you are about to go wine tasting with friends. At least that’s how it makes us feel. Let the fruits of this candle soak up the sangria in your imaginary wine glass that you are holding right now.⁠
Fragrance: Fruits with bottom notes of amber.⁠

Lake House
Vibe: We Outside!
Aroma: Imagine being outside, on the lake, and getting a scent of fresh earthy goodness. This aroma will make you TGIS (Thank God It’s Summer).⁠
Fragrance: Let your nose pick up scents of pineapple, bamboo, and maybe some hints of lavender and cedar.⁠