With Love Series

With Love Series

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Candle: With Love  ⁠

Vibe: Scents of Virginia 

Aroma: Variety of Fragrances. 

Select a region... or two from the state of Virginia. Grab individuals or a bundle if you'd like.

From Central VA, With Love: This elegant candle offers a delightful symphony of scents, combining lemon, rose, and lavender to create a harmonious and captivating fragrance that is both refreshing and soothing.

From Southwest VA, With Love: This enchanting candle captures the essence of nature's beauty with a captivating blend of blackberry, jasmine, and sage, creating an aromatic experience that is both exciting and serene.

From Northern VA, With Love: This delightful candle is a sensory journey through a tranquil tea garden, featuring the harmonious blend of ginger, tea, and light fruits, creating an aromatic experience that is soothing.

From Tidewater, With Love: This exquisite candle offers a captivating symphony of scents, blending floral, sandalwood, and ginger notes to create an enchanting and well-balanced fragrance that is both elegant and invigorating.

From Virginia, With Love: This exquisite candle features a harmonious blend of bergamot and soft musk, creating an olfactory experience that is overall comforting. 

From Southside VA, With Love: This captivating candle encapsulates the essence of an enchanting forest retreat with a harmonious blend of wood, sage, and smoke notes, creating an aromatic experience that is both grounding and mystical.

From Shenandoah Valley, With Love: This sophisticated candle presents a captivating fusion of teakwood, sandalwood, and cedar, crafting an aromatic experience that exudes warmth, earthiness, and a sense of grounding.